Our 2 day course will equip you with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills required to competently perform the micro pigmentation procedures.

During the 2 days training, you will explore relevant professional issues connected with role expansion and the development of new nursing work. You will receive training in the procedural techniques required as well as accurate size, shape and colour matching. You will gain an understanding of the different types of micro pigmentation equipment available.

At the end of the course you will be equipped to offer realistic, permanent areola restoration to your patients immediately.

Course Accreditation

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Micro pigmentation - a new nursing role : Risk Management : Knowledge for Practice : Practical Skills : More

Individually designed programs are arranged on hospital sites for two or more participants. The Belmore centre
Lower Road
Stoke Mandeville
Cost £1150 (NHS) £1550 (Non NHS)
For further information or to book a course please contact Debbie Bowey Tel: 07721 997979 Or Whitethorn Fields MediClinic on 01296 614441
Individual Tuition
Caron and Debbie will work with an individual practitioner for one day;
· To supervise and provide feedback at an initial clinic
· To develop additional skills e.g.; Burns /Scar Camouflage application